Monday, 23 November 2009

All in the mind

After losing 7 quid last Monday, I couldn't help approaching today with caution. It started to cross my mind that Monday might be my bogey day and after a couple of losing opening trades I thought "here we go".

This is the sort of thinking I need to banish from my thought process if I'm going to improve. The mind is a powerful thing; if I'm bench pressing I don't entertain the idea that the barbell is heavy, otherwise I'd never get it off my chest! If I apply a bit more of this positivity to my trading then the only way is up.

The other thing I need to be careful of is greed. On the race that I lost -£1.12, I was 75p up at one point. This would have put me well on the way to breaking the £5 barrier. Instead, I started getting excited that I was on a bit of a winning streak, emotions took over, I got sloppy, then lost the 75p and more.

Anyway, rather than start the week off on a bad footing, I ended my session a few races early so I didn't post a deficit.

Until tomorrow...

£0.19 using £5 to £20 stakes.

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