Sunday, 29 November 2009

I need a rest

What do you mean trading accelerates the ageing process? I think I look pretty good for my age!

I have traded every day for about 4 weeks solid now and this afternoon was a slog. I couldn't even be arsed and stopped early (when I'd broken even) to write this. When you think about it, we were put on the earth to hunt, make shelters and fires, and procreate. So watching numbers rise and fall and clicking at the right (or wrong) time isn't natural and can't be good for us, can it?

The trouble is, I feel compelled to do this everyday because, as the pros have said, if you look at the numbers for long enough, one day something just clicks. I don't expect a single 'Eureka' moment but instead, a series of smaller 'Eurekas'. I think I've had a couple already which is why I'm not losing heavily anymore.

So to relax, I'm going to have a little fun trade on Arsenal-Chelsea, and here is my prediction:

This sort of trade is fairly typical of those chaps The Nugget Crew - a score prediction with some insurance on the Unders. My reasoning here is we have two in form teams with plenty of goals in them, Chelsea top of the league but Arsenal with the home advantage (but no Van Persie). 1-1 at half time would suit; either side going two nil up early on would not!

We'll see!


Well, a case of too little too late.

Rather than reducing my liabilities on other scorelines 30 minutes in or at least after the first goal, I just sat on the 0-1 hoping for the equaliser.

A bit of scrambling in the second half got my liability down on the 0-2, 0-3 and 1-2 but the crazy thing was, right before the third goal, I was just waiting for my bet on the AUQ of 3 pence @ 140 to be matched which would have left me no liability on the 0-4; needless to say, the AUQ dropped down to 10 and my liability on the 0-4 was over £5!!

Never take anything for granted in the footy!

£0.26 using £7.50 to £20 stakes.

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