Thursday, 19 November 2009

Live ammo

Trading using bigger stakes - or 'live ammo' as I call it - is certainly proving a challenge to keep under control.

I had a great 3rd race, I was up to £3 at one point across three different horses before settling on £2.37. I thought "Fab!" and then slowly starting eating away at it until I was in more familiar territory - deficit!

The last race saved a few blushes.

Someone commented on another blog that you should attribute losses to "training costs" which I thought was quite a positive way of looking at things.

Slightly different P+L today, this one is from Excel 2007 using the nifty Conditional Formatting > Color Scales. I'm not sure what conclusion to draw from this at the moment (other than I lost too many times) but it's pretty nonetheless!

-£3.96 using £7.50 to £20 stakes.

PS Why stop at colours - you can format the data in all sorts of ways! :D

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