Saturday, 28 November 2009

No qualms, no Kalms

Steady stuff today. I've noticed that Saturdays seem 'truer' than most other days; none of this 'bobbing around' business which tied me in knots last Wed-Fri.

One thing that is holding me back a bit is my bank size (about £70). For some reason, I'm more comfortable laying than backing but the liability involved is restricting my stake amounts. But, since I haven't got any more of my own money to stick in my bank, it's tough luck!

I did have a couple of cheeky goes on the Irish racing from Fairyhouse too and made a couple more quid. I've normally avoided the Irish races due to low liquidity but I'm starting to think that I'm better suited to these conditions.

£6.69 using £5 to £15 stakes.

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