Friday, 20 November 2009

Nurse! Forceps!!

"Clamp there to stop further haemorrhaging of the main bank artery!"

"Thanks, nurse"

I think the downward trajectory of the P+L graph is telling me to reduce my stakes again. The thing is, I'm impatient and don't enjoy sitting here making 8 pence a race using £2 stakes - I just can't justify the time I'm putting in for that sort of income.

So I'll plough ahead for a while and keep topping up the bank as necessary.

"Nurse! Is it time for my bed bath yet?"

-£2.09 using £7.50 to £20 stakes.


  1. At least there's a bit more green on the chart today, Nurse...

  2. lol! If things don't improve, I'm going to change Excel just to use colours from the green spectrum, whatever the outcome!


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