Monday, 16 November 2009

Pass me the Kalms...

Thanks. Let's see...

"Relieves periods of worry, irritability, stresses and strains"

That should do the trick. Can I take the whole bottle?

Well, last Monday I got smacked around like a little kid in a playground and today was no different. EVERYTHING I got on went the other way and when I did get on a move it got snuffed out within a few ticks and bolted the other way, leaving me only enough time to, at best, scratch the trade.

Today's debacle has effectively wiped out the last 6 day's hard graft but nevermind. Tomorrow is another day and I can take comfort in knowing that, when the conditions are favourable, I can trade well and make a profit.

-£7.07 loss using £7.50 stakes.

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