Sunday, 15 November 2009

Spikier than a hedgehog with a mohawk

That's how I would describe Sunday trading. Last Sunday I got annihilated but despite what I said then about avoiding weekends, I have a compulsion to hit this thing head on. No retreat, no surrender!

I cranked up the stake amounts to £7.50 and although I didn't 'keep my powder dry' as well as yesterday, I got out with a little green.

What I have noticed is that I do tend to tense up quite a lot - tight jaw and knotted stomach - which I need to address. Watching the numbers for such an intense period also seems to be affecting my sleep. One of the traders I follow suggested doing some yoga before each session to prepare the body and mind; my warm up routine for today was to stuff a Ginsters pasty and two rounds of bread down my neck as fast as I could, 10 minutes before the 1:35 at Market Rasen!

Mmmm, Ginsters...

£1.13 using £7.50 stakes.

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