Friday, 27 November 2009

Tear up the rule book

I've found Wednesday, Thursday and today all to be very similar and my usual trading style hasn't cut it - three losing days since my record breaking Tuesday.

The 4th race in was particularly nasty; I went into deficit and then went into more deficit when attempting to clear the original deficit. I have considered having some sort of stop loss per race but it seems a bit defeatist to not try and scratch the loss with 2 minutes left on the clock.

What I intend to do from now on is trade the first couple of races using £2 stakes to get a feel for the markets. I recently commented on another blog that some days the markets seem to do the opposite to what you expect. In the last two races I actually went against my usual judgement and profited.

"Go figure!" (said in a strong Californian accent)

The last few Saturdays have been friendly to me so I'm expecting to profit from tomorrow's session.

-£4.20 using £5 to £20 stakes.

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