Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The three Ds

Discipline, Dedication and Determination. Without it, Mariusz Pudzianowski wouldn't be the world's strongest man.

Guys like this inpsire me to do well. His single-mindedness is what got him where he is today.

So what's all this got to do with trading the horses?

Well, I had a good day - the bank and the mind both prospered. After 7 weeks hard slog, the ups and (mostly) downs, I finally broke the £5 barrier. This has given me a boost, because it wasn't down to luck, it was down to the three Ds.

I started brightly and then did my old trick of losing a few on the trot. I forged ahead though, because I REALLY don't want to make 20p a day at this for the rest of my days!

I think in Strong Man terms, the last 7 weeks were the Truck Pull. I've finally got the truck moving!

Now, onto the Keg Toss!

£6.37 using £5 to £20 stakes.


  1. Well done Metts, keep on truckin'.

  2. Where did you find that picture of me?!

  3. Hey bro, great blog, i have added you to mine. It seems that you and i are currently in the same place with our trading stakes wise. Although i am going through a bad patch right now of constant reds at the off, what app are you using to trade?

    Cheers bro and all the best,it's a hard thing to master it would seem.

  4. Hi Mike,

    Good to see you posting again. I hope it picks up for you.

    I'm using The Toy to trade with - great tool and no subscription either!


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