Saturday, 14 November 2009

You've got to be in it to win it

I said last Sunday that I wasn't going to trade on the weekend because it seemed much harder to predict the markets. Well that went out the window! My dogged dermination to succeed and accelerate my learning led me to open The Toy once more and thrash things out.

I do like The Toy. It's free trading software written by a chap called The Geek and I'm very comfortable with it...and I think I've used all the main ones now! It's all down to personal preference I suppose but here's the link in case anyone hasn't come across it:

I was pleased with my performance today - the best to date! I worked hard to keep the losses to a minimum by scratching trades or taking a one tick loss. A few of the spikes left me high and dry but what can you do about those except take the loss or hang on for a recovery?

With the races coming along more frequently, I was trading much more in the last 5 minutes before the start of the races and was finding that I was spotting the movements more easily; I was 'in the zone' I suppose.

I'm going to raise the stakes a bit on Monday to £6 or £7.

£3.49 using £5 stakes.

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