Monday, 14 December 2009

Breaking new ground

Bit of a pain them cancelling the racing at Ayr today. I like it when the races come thick and fast, so waiting 20-30 minutes before the next race can be a bit off-putting.

Nevertheless I had a good little session, felt confident using mostly £20 stakes and set another personal best for profit on a single race.

I was -£1.90 down in the 15:10 at one point but brought it back to green before settling for a -£0.45 loss. The recovery was helped by me holding my nerve more and getting into less of a flap when things went against me, which they still do quite often.

I forgot to mention that I recorded a few of my trades yesterday using some free software called CamStudio which someone else recommended on their blog. You have to hunt for a better codec though to keep the file sizes down; I ended up downloading an Xvid MPEG4 codec and that certainly helped matters.

It was interesting to watch some of the races back. For instance, it gave me a good feeling when I watched yesterday's 15:40 back where I profited by a couple of quid. It's at times like that where I feel that things are really coming on with my trading. Nothing wrong with a bit of positive reinforcement!

£6.51 using £7.50 to (mostly) £20 stakes.

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  1. Like Forest - your starting to put a few wins together!


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