Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Excuses, excuses...

I involuntarily pressed the wrong button...er...my mouse batteries ran out...er...I needed the toilet.

These were some of the excuses I was making for the rubbish start I had today. Actually, they were all true, but mostly it was down to good old-fashioned ill-discipline.

I went storming in like 'Billy Big Stakes' and got smashed about like a one-armed cage fighter!

I was going to quit after I was -£6.79 down but opted to fight on with £7.50 stakes and reduce some of the deficit, which I did. Crikey, if I can't get past a -£6.79 loss then bigger losses will have me 'running for the hills'!

-£4.83 using £5 to £15 stakes.

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