Wednesday, 9 December 2009

From -£47 to £0 by Christmas

In line with so many others and their challenges, mine is to scratch my deficit by Christmas. I just decided.

"Ooer, not many shopping days left now - can he do it?"

We'll see. It's good to have short term goals though.

Trading-wise I did a 'Mets special' and gave it all away at the end again. I think I might get that camtasia software that everyone bangs on about and record my trading to try and see where I'm going wrong. Maybe it will identify some traps that I fall into that I'm not currently aware of while doing it.

£0.69 using £7.50 to £15 stakes.


  1. I quite often do the same, give it all away at the end, probably tiredness and loss of concentration

  2. I think that has something to do with it, Neil.


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