Thursday, 31 December 2009

Green shoots

Green shoots is a term used colloquially to indicate signs of economic recovery during an economic downturn.

Very fitting indeed. Things have been very fruitful this side of Christmas. Today, I set new personal bests for daily total, highest profit for a single race and number of markets entered.

Things started out a bit wonky and it did enter my mind to quit when I was a few quid down - rather than risk going on the tilt and posting a big loss - but I quickly told myself off for being defeatist and carried on!

Whilst I typically trade with £15-£20 stakes at the moment, I did experiment a little with £30-£40 stakes...and scared myself stupid a few times! As before, the bigger stake sizes will take a bit of getting used to.

Well, looks like there's a ton of racing on tomoz so if I don't see ya, have a good New Year celebration and I'll be back then with more ramblings - cheers!


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