Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Home straight

Well, the mini-challenge is a bit closer to completion after another good day's trading - only £11.46 left to make until I'm in profit.

I had a great start and even stopped for lunch in the middle which I rarely do. It helped clear my head a bit and I really felt I could reach the £20 mark today but tiredness caught up with me in the end; 24 markets is usually what I would do on a Saturday but the Irish races had good liquidity today so I got involved there too.

I worked out today that I've been trading seriously for about 12 weeks now which = 84 days, so 84 x 3 hours a day means I've put about 250 hours into this now...exhausting if I think about it! If that was flying time I'd probably be piloting 747s now or something! Still, the hard work is paying off bit-by-bit and I look forward to getting over this hump and making some real profit for a change.

£14.57 using max £20 stakes.

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