Thursday, 10 December 2009

I feel good, duh-duh duh-duh duh-duh duh

And a bit tired too. I made a tenner today and worked bloomin' hard for it!

There seemed to be a lot of slow-down in the later races which could have been the API, The Toy or my broadband - who knows. In any case, it seemed to filter out some of the 'noise' and I found it easier to trade.

I capitalised on a spike in the 14:00 race and made my biggest profit on a single race so far. Prior to this, I found myself getting frustrated at the lack of opportunities I was having, despite making a play for everything I could find. I was yelling


and then that spike happened and I was like

"Oh, there is a trading God after all!"

I took a conscious decision to reduce my maximum stakes slightly. I haven't quite got a 'feel' for £15 stakes yet...whatever that means lol!

No trading for me tomorrow because of a prior engagement which will be a bit weird as I've traded the last 33 days consecutively!

£10.07 using £7.50 to £12.50 stakes.


  1. Well done mate, enjoy your day off!

  2. Well done mate - this is a mans world indeed but remember to buy pappa a brand new bag this weekend. Will you be backing Fulham because I know you got Seol ki Hyeon in the fantasy footy.

  3. Cheers for the encouragement lads :D

    @Pete - Seol who? Never heard of him! Should Zamora be worried?

  4. "I know you got soul" - a classic JB tune! It was my (lame) attempt to work it into a sentance :-)

    Get back to listening to Westlife....


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