Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Ooh aah, just a little bit...

...ooh ahh, a little bit more.

Anyone remember Gina G? Just me then...

I've got a bit of consistency in my game now which is pleasing. I sensed disaster early on when Betfair went down and I had a lay bet on with an unmatched back bet - my fear being that the unmatched back bet would've been erased if the server had gone down. It was on the favourite so I knew my liability wasn't going to be of bank-wiping proportions but still...

It got me thinking about putting some money in my Betdaq account so I can whack a quick counter-bet on should something like this happen again but the only problem is, half the time I'm not even looking at the horse that I'm trading and could end up having a punt on a completely different horse!

I suppose aside from software crashes, hardware failure, broadband disconnection and Betfair outages, there's not really a lot that can go wrong! ;)

Late on in the session, I upped my stakes to £30 which seemed sensible given my recent run of good form. It contributed to the £4.07 profit in the 15:25 which made the afternoon session worthwhile, given that I'd sloppily lost -£3.92 in an earlier race.

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