Saturday, 19 December 2009

Ready...aim...put the safety on

I'm consciously trying to take a more cautious approach with my trading. When I make a successful trade, it's typically as a result spotting a positive signal moments before; losing trades are usually as a result of a speculative trade gone wrong, where a signal wasn't present.

With another day's racing decimated by the weather, I'm finding it hard to get into my stride. I could trade all day if there were enough races, such is my hunger to get more experience. I suppose it's just a case of 'battening down the hatches' during this lean spell.

I think I have become a bit more desensitised to the larger stakes which is something I'm happy about. I typically use £15-£20 stakes on most trades now; using anything less would now seem like a backward step. Following a stake hike, I think the trick is to 'not lose', rather than to win more; more profit should come with confidence.

£3.15 using £15-£20 stakes.

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