Friday, 29 January 2010

My poor hat

It's rare that I post up a P+L these days but I am very proud of today. It took me a while to get into my stride and at 15:40 the beanie got thrown hard against the back of the door, as it usually does when I got frustrated!

The catalyst for the turnaround came when I reasoned that, as I was up for the week, I needn't undertake my usual damage limitation exercise; I do believe that these exercises can be defeatist..."I'm in deficit, therefore the best I can do now is get back to £0".

So, sticking with the £40 stakes that got me into the trouble in the first place, I pushed through the negative to finish up for the day.

Whilst bank preservation is still the biggest part of my game - building up something substantial from nothing is still my biggest motivator - I realise now that I need to take a few more risks and step out of the comfort zone a little bit in order to improve my profit. Today seemed particularly volatile but sticking with the higher stake amounts makes you concentrate on the price movements more, which can only mean you learn quicker.

I'm looking forward to getting stuck in tomorrow as I feel that today's education has added another couple of 'strings to my bow'.


  1. you are nicely in profit after your poor start to ur 16 week challenge, I think have done really well, considering it has taken me 2 years lol. Hope you keep it going and keep improving

  2. Cheers matey. Hang in there and strive for greatness! :)


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