Friday, 15 January 2010

Never stop learning

A stop-start week once again as far as the horse racing went, partly due to the weather and partly to my decorating commitments!

I got smashed on Monday to the tune of -£22.32 which is largely the reason I'm down for the week overall. I felt that Saturday and Monday were particularly spoofy days and I couldn't handle them to be frank. Why these days come and go I haven't been able to comprehend? All I know is that I need to learn to recognise what sort of day to expect early on in the session, and adjust my style / stakes accordingly.

Thursday and today were much more favourable, to the point where I said to the wife, "I can make some money here" and put down the paintbrush for a bit. The spare room is finished now by the way ;)

Despite the wobble at the start of the week, I'm getting more comfortable with the £35-£40 stake sizes. I think I'll probably sit at this level for a bit until I can consistently reach that £1-a-race average that I'm looking for. So far, I've scaled up the stakes but not the profit lol!


  1. Love the picture mate, very good!

    A change in stake will probably take a while to adjust to but let it settle in and I'm sure the profits will rise.

  2. Ha ha cheers mate :)

    If someone doesn't like it, they can just EAT MY SHORTS lol ;)


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