Saturday, 9 January 2010

Put through the wringer

Ugh - what a day! That must be the most volatile I've ever seen the markets since I've been doing this.

To quote my glossary, there was FUNNY MONEY everywhere, I got SMASHED IN on almost every trade and some of the markets were SNIPPIER than a box of scissors!

It's fair to say that my usual game wasn't going to stand up today but I would have at least broken even if it wasn't for the two hideous spikes which accounted for my losses. The one in the picture is from the last race; I had a lay bet on and was two and a half quid up at the time - one adverse price movement that was the difference between a £4 loss for the day, and a £12 one.

I'll take this on the chin, move on and accept that there are going to be days like this. I look at it as an opportunity to adapt my game and become a more rounded trader. It still hurts though! ;)

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