Saturday, 20 February 2010

Guilt-free Chinese

No, this post isn't about Chinamen who don't have a conscience, but rather that the 19 quid I earned on the horses today paid for my tea! I can thoroughly recommend the duck in plum sauce :D

I got 'taken to the cleaners' again last Saturday after an acutely poor run the week before, so I decided to take the rest of the week off to reflect, recouperate and reason. After all, the bank had taken a severe beating and my profit was being eaten away in large chunks, so it seemed sensible to stay away. It was nice to have a break as it's been a long slog getting this far and I was becoming really bored with it.

Since a return to the rat race looks ever more likely - this trading lark isn't paying E.ON and the lights are starting to flicker(!) - I decided to treat today like a 'Saturday job'...and it worked. I was relaxed and having fun. Of course, immense concentration is always required during the frenzy of Saturday trading, but those 5 minute gaps you only really find on a Saturday are great for getting 'in the zone'.

I might do a day or two in the week, as the fancy takes me, and see how things go.

Oh, and I had a good old fashioned punt on the footy - a free bet courtesy of Sky Bet - and backed Stoke beat a beleaguered Pompey. Stoke managed to find an injury time winner, so that free £15.50 should pay for next week's pork balls in sweet and sour sauce....mmmmmmmm....

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