Saturday, 6 March 2010

Another goal reached

It's been a while coming but I managed my first £50 day today. It was a bloomin' slog towards the end as my brain was getting tired but I limped over the line in the last race.

Stakage was generally £40 again - I'm really comfortable at this now and its about the right level for my style of trading - although I did up stakes to as much as £80 when the conditions seemed right.

I'm having a good run at the moment and seemed to have shaken off the self-doubt that was creeping in just a few weeks ago. Some days are still a struggle, for instance one day last week I lost £20 in just over an hour and the alarm bells started ringing...."THIS IS NOT YOUR DAY - WALK AWAY!" At least I'm recognising these days earlier now and close down The Toy before the real 'bank busting' occurs.

The significance of meeting short term targets has been quite fundamental to my development as a trader. Now that £50 has been reached, my mind is already thinking "what was all the fuss about?" and that can only be a good thing. It means that:

a) A £75 day isn't impossible
b) A £20-30 day will seem easier to achieve

In my mind, b) is already true i.e. the 'programming' has already taken place!


  1. Excellent stuff Metters. Big thumbs up!

  2. Cheers me old mucker. Hope you get back in the saddle soon!

  3. Well done Mets, similar amount to myself today although i thought it was hard going.


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