Saturday, 27 March 2010

Come on Hardy!!

UFC 111 tonight and I'm very excited!! I won't be staying up for it as it can be quite a drawn-out event with a million ad breaks and lots of fights I'm not bothered about, but I've got my bets on:

Georges St-Pierre vs Dan Hardy
I decided to lay GSP for £25 @1.2 and back him for £15 @ 2, which will net me a tenner. The reason I've taken this approach is that, while I can't see Hardy being victorious, he may do enough to early on to push GSP's price out. I'm not sure of the swing in MMA markets though so it's a complete 'finger in the air job'. What will likely happen is that GSP will submit Hardy after about 30 seconds in the first round!! Only a fiver at stake so who cares?

Frank Mir vs Shane Carwin
I've gone for a straight £10 punt on Mir for the win @ 1.73, based wholly on his last performance (which was brutal). Carwin looked awesome at the weigh-in though so, whatever the outcome, I can't wait to watch that one back.

My progress trading the horses is steadily - er - staying the same with nothing special to report on. Weekends continue to be profitable while weekdays are a bit hit-and-miss, but the profit line is still rising so it makes it worthwhile doing. Making money in a low-risk fashion on the horses effectively allows me to have free bets on the UFC and footy so it's quite good really, as I'd feel guilty punting my own money.

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