Thursday, 11 March 2010

First £50 day: the aftermath

Well I like to think I'm very systematic in my approach to trading. This week, for instance, I've systematically been erasing all the good work I did at the weekend. There's not much left of Saturday's hard-earned...

The notes section of my spreadsheet, where I rate each day with a comment and a colour (red=bad through to green=good), has turned that murky yellow colour again which means things aren't quite as spiffing as they should be. Not critical, but not good.

The larger stakes haven't helped much - typically £55 - but then neither has missing out on an obscene amount of good moves by scratching / greening up too early. Frustration is creeping in again and the hat has been getting thrown across the room in anger a fair bit.

I will be taking tomorrow off to rest but also to savour what profit I have left for the week. A bit of consistency is the order of the day at the moment as I haven't been able to string more than about 3 good days together of late.

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