Sunday, 7 March 2010

Look at what you could've won

Nevermind the speedboat, I didn't even get the bendy Bully today!

Having started out with a speculative punt on the Reading-Villa game, with a fiver on Villa to win after the first Reading goal went in, I got on with the horses while listening to the game. With Villa 2-0 down at half time I redded out for -£ because salvaging the £1.25 was sooooo important - NOT! Final score: Reading 2 - 3 Villa. Grrrrrr...I keep saying I'm gonna stay off the footy. I don't mind losing but not winning is worse!

Anyway, the loss on the footy was negligable compared to the £25 I'd accrued on the horses so it wasn't all bad...that is until I chucked it all away with some big losses at the end.

Flamin' marvelous!

To be honest, I was tired and really didn't care at the end. When I'm in that state of mind I know I shouldn't be trading, so rather than chase more green, the computer was promptly switched off and I went and had a power nap.

So what could've been a £40+ day ended up as a slight loss.

Oh the harsh realities of making money on Betfair!


  1. Hey Mets, these days happen your £0.70p down that is far easier to recover than many £££ i know its galling when you have achived a profit to then lose it, it happens we move on and start a freash, i have read many a blog were people have just let there trades run and end up loosing almost their entire banks.
    Nice to see your a toy user, are you on the forum too? i have added myslef as a follower to your blog


  2. Hi Ron, yeah it is galling but as you say it could always be worse. Bank protection has always been my main goal and is probably the most fundamental part of my approach. Even back in the days when I was making 10p a race I always wanted to preserve the bank as much as possible.

    I don't spend much time on the forum. I do subscribe to lots of trading blogs though and find it very enlightening reading people's ups and downs.


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