Tuesday, 16 March 2010

¿Que pasa?

No mucho.

All that money sloshing around at Cheltenham has unsettled me a little bit. £5Million+ matched on a single race?! I prefer the conditions to be a little less liquid. Nor could I harvest much from the other meets, either because they were too swingy or there was too much money bunched up. Just lately, I'm finding that I'm having lots of little wins followed by a big neutralising loss. There's an invisible tractor beam pulling me back to £0 just as I start making some gains. Still, at least I'm not losing heavily.

Moving onto the footy and the Chelsea-Milan game. Milan's price never really deviated from the 5.5 mark throughout the first 70 mins and the commentators on 5 Live were starting to 'big up' Milan so I felt it was worthwhile to have a little speculative punt on Milan to win. Only £2.50 mind you, just to make things interesting. I figured that Chelsea must be getting a bit twitchy with the clock ticking down, and it wasn't long before Milan scored netting me £8 of green.

I'll look for more of these 'value' in-play positions in the future I think.

I had a brief look at trading the tennis and was surprised by the way the Soderling-Lopez game was swinging around at the start of the first set. Soderling's price went flying out in the tie-break when he went 2-0 down and the came steaming in again as he won the next 4 points. Scary stuff! I didn't commit any of my hard-earned tonight but I might have a look at the next Murray game to see if I can get anything out of it.

I had a little look at the UFC 111 prices tonight, more from a punting angle than a trading one. The markets appear to be going in play but I haven't got any plans to stay up and watch it live on pay-per-view.

I've only really gambled on the UFC once before, when Frank Mir fought Brock Lesnar in their rematch: I backed Mir to make it 2/2 but he got smashed by Brock-zilla! Mir is fighting Shane Carwin whom I'm never seen in action apart from YouTube highlights; Mir has bulked up a fair bit since the Lesnar fight and looked an awesome beast against Cheik Kongo in his last fight, which he won, so I might have a bit of the 1.67 on offer.

George St-Pierre vs Dan Hardy is going to be a belter, although Betfairers think GSP is a dead-cert at 1.16 and I can't really disagree. Hardy does have knockout power though and an ego the size of Nottingham (where he's from) so I might have a fiver@5.3 on 'The Outlaw' !

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