Monday, 22 March 2010

Weekend roundup

Not a bad weekend on the horses. I really enjoyed both sessions and didn't try and do anything heroic - just put my mind to grinding out a few pennies in my usual fashion using £40 stakes. I'm quite happy with £20-£30 a sesh really and I want to aim for some consistency really rather than 'shooting for the stars' etc.

I got smashed on Friday for -£24 after letting one go in play and losing -£23 in a single race. I left a lay on too close to the off and couldn't get off the thing very easily. It was horrible and made me feel a bit sick, given that I could've decimated a big chunk of my hard-earned. It could have been much worse though so I'm counting my lucky stars! I have been guilty of trading anything upto -30 seconds just lately without pictures and it's really only out of sheer opportunism...ok, GREED! Mustn't do it anymore.

I have Talksport / BBC 5 Live internet radio on while trading the horses and this week I was particularly proactive in seeking out trading opportunities. I didn't win much but I was pleased with my decision making:

Sunderland v Birmingham
Layed Sunderland for £20 at 2-0 up. 2 early goals meant their price was down to 1.1 ish with an hour to go. When Birmingham got one back I backed a tenner, leaving me with a free bet on the draw / Brum win. The 2-1 outcome left me with nowt.

Man Utd v Liverpool
Scalped the 1-1 for a bit since I figured that, after the initial frenzy, both teams would settle down and it would still be 1-1 at half time (I didn't hang on until half time to trade out though). I put the profit on 3-1 and 2-2 scorelines and could've traded out after Man Utd went 2-1 up, but with plenty of time on the clock I held out for a result. The 2-1 outcome left me with 70p.

Fulham v Man City
Again, layed City for £20 at 0-2 with plenty of time left on the clock. Figured Fulham might still have some of their midweek 'bouncebackability' left but it wasn't to be. When Fulham got a penalty I backed a tenner for a free bet on the draw / Fulham win but ultimately, the 2-1 outcome left me with nowt. Deja-vu?

So the overriding theme for the footy was that I made nowt. But it was good fun all the same with little risk involved :)

Oh yeah, and 5 Live on the internet is reeeeeaallly delayed - as highlighted by their commentary on the Everton game when it took about a minute for the report of the first goal to come through - so don't rely on it when trading the current score!!

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