Thursday, 8 April 2010

A (not so) gentle reminder

I've been doing more trades close to the off just lately, using the live (well, slightly delayed) pictures from At The Races / BBC2 / Channel 4, but I was given a rap over the knuckles today after I let one go in-play following an unexpected start.

Of course, we all bang on about the perils of in-play but I suppose it only truly sinks in once you've 'done a bank'. Fortunately, that hasn't happened to me yet.

A stop loss feature in The Toy might help matters somewhat, and The Geek has indicated it may be in the next version. In the meantime, I guess I'll lick my wounds and tread a bit more carefully in future!


  1. If you're serious about your trading you should really invest in some decent software as it'll pay off in the end and these days they're only a few quid a week.

    Probably seems a good idea now to use the freebies but when you start with bigger stakes you really want to be using something you can rely on and are used to.

  2. It's a good point - any suggestions? I've used all the main ones and apart from some missing tools and charting, I can't see much wrong with The Toy.

    I must also point out that this chap The Geek comes across as a jolly good egg and my loyalty towards him is greater than to those that: sell buggy or bloated software, run expensive courses or flog dodgy ebooks or membership services. If The Geek were to start charging for The Toy, which is stable, fast and very customisable, I would be happy to pay for it.

  3. You should try BetAngel, probably the best software out there for trading and custoner service scond to none. All the the free stuff like rapid and the Toy are OK if you just want to place a few bets here and there but basically just a faster version of the website but pretty much useless for trading. Don't think you'd find any 'pros' actually using it, even most the members at the Geeks forum use BetAngel so that should tell you something.

  4. Interesting, Cass. I did try the trial version of Bet Angel when Bet Trader Pro disappeared but it seemed overly complicated for the level I was at.

    I'm making money with The Toy so I disagree that it's useless for trading - perhaps it depends on your style and what you need from the tool?

    What does BA offer that the others don't? Perhaps I'm missing something that I didn't know I needed?! :D

  5. If you found BetAngel too complicated you're probably best sticking with the Toy and Rapid for now. All the others are much the same and probably have too many functions for where you're at. Most traders want those added options of stop losses and auto greening ticks but doesn't mean you need them.

    It really depends on how you trade and if anything it's better to learn the basics without all the bells and whistles the others offer. All the extras might just confuse you and too many people end up relying on them thinking they're whats making you money but unless you know how to green manually you'll never really learn how to trade properly

  6. The page below has a video of a pro trader which may help your trading entries.

  7. Yes, I've subscribed to Jack Birkhead's mailing list already. I've been following his blog entries for some time, he's a real inspiration.


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