Thursday, 1 April 2010

A hoof and a prayer

Not a great start on the horses today with what I felt was a bit of funny money hanging about catching me off-guard. I was close to calling it a day, since I don't allow myself to slip too far in the red these days, when something unusual happened...

I'd kept the market open in the 15:40 at Folkestone long after the clock had ticked down to 0:00 when, after about -7 minutes I was wondering why it hadn't started. I whacked on At The Races (I don't normally bother with live pictures) and it was clear that there was a bit of commotion in the stalls: one of the horses had it's hoof stuck in the stall and they were trying to free it. This caused the markets to go a bit screwy and lots of opportunities were presented to me to trade. I felt a bit like a kid in a sweet shop as my green mounted...£5...£10...the opportunities kept coming....£15...£20...! I had a feeling that the race was going to be cancelled and all bets voided but I kept going anyway. As it happened, the race went off and I made a nice profit to boot.

If only every race was as easy as that!

Valencia vs Atletico Madrid
I made a few more pennies in the Valencia game tonight after correctly anticipating a 2-2 in the correct score market. It was a good game with plenty of chances both ends. I didn't actually put anything on the 2-2 until well into the first half when, after lots of missed chances, goals seemed inevitable; the second half was a treat! Arsenal-Barca all over again.

UFC 111
I didn't have much joy with my UFC punts the other night.

Frank Mir was demolished by Carwin's uppercuts from the clinch late in the first round which entinguished my hopes of a Mir submission. The Lesnar-Carwin fight (if it ever happens) will be a very tough call and fascinating to watch.

Hardy fought very valiantly against GSP but was totally dominated by GSP's takedowns and submission attempts. I was staggered by Hardy's resilience when he was put in a shoulder-wrecking arm bar and, later on, a shoulder-wrecking kamora. I think Hardy will be mentally stronger in the rematch and could 'put the wind up' GSP.

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