Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I dreamed a dream

The current run of good form continues - today was my 18th profitable day from the last 19 days traded - and I'm well on course to turn trading into a part-time affair at least.

I managed to cancel out last Thursday's blip with a good day of trading on Friday arvo. I'm still being a bit greedy too close to the off but am getting better at using the signals from the racetrack to know when to exit safely...usually just before the men loading the horses start scurrying for their lives past the stalls!

At The Races seems to be about 3 seconds delayed which is adequate for what I need it for and it only costs a quid a month extra on top of my Sky package. Of course, ATR don't cover all the action so I enquired today about getting a free trial of Racing UK streaming to my PC - they said they'd give me a 24 hours free trial to see if it's adequate, in which case I will happily fork out the required £9.99 monthly fee. Hopefully my rather ancient laptop will be able to cope with that and The Toy running together!

In some respects, having the horse racing on in the background gives what I'm doing each day some context, and I'm actually starting to get into the whole hoopla of racing! Having said that, ATR only covered Gowran Park today so I switched over to the planner and caught up with Corrie. Ahem.

I think I turned a corner in trading a few weeks back when I analysed what was working for me and what wasn't, and subsequently cut the bad bits out of my game. 'Little bits make a big bit' is still my approach, as well as keeping my losing trades to less than a couple of quid if I can.

"I could make all your dreams come true, Mets, if only my sleeves weren't so huge!"


  1. You should take a look at the VCBet offer

    Only need to place 10 x £5 bets a month with them and they'll pay the RUK subs in the form of a free £20 bet. It's easy enough to find arbs to lay off the bets on betfair so effectively you'll get RUK for free

  2. Thanks for the tip - sounds like a bit of a faff to save a tenner though.

    Anyway, I've had a little free go on the Racing UK player today and it streams pretty well with about a second delay behind the tv transmission. That said, the player doesn't resize at all and I can't find any 'real estate' on my ancient lappy screen to view that and all my bits on The Toy, so I'll probably gve it a miss for the time being and just keep ATR on in the background with whatever they're broadcasting.

  3. k thought you might have sky , don't think the offer stands for the internet feed only. The RUK player is quite delayed and a bit of a pain as you've found but comes free with the TV package


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