Saturday, 24 April 2010

What a drag

Well today was a waste of a good Saturday - they are usually my springboard for a good week but I found myself chasing the money today; I'm usually in sync with the movements in the prices on Saturdays more than any other day, but not today it seems.

I upped my stakes in the first couple of races to £80 - twice as much as usual - but got blasted in the second race; in Mets' Glossary terms, that means SMASHED IN! That didn't set the scene for a very good day and I was oscillating about the £0 mark for the rest of the session. I hate getting off to a bad start, it really annoys me and gives me no buffer to take some chances and earn some more green; instead, I get hellbent on just getting back to square one which affects my game. I suppose it's akin to being 0-40 down in a game of tennis and then focussing all your efforts on not losing, rather than winning - it's quite energy sapping.

I think a lot of it is down to fatigue. The last time I had a day off trading was Good Friday and that was only because I didn't have any choice. I'll be taking tomorrow off and maybe Monday too, just to clear my head.

When all is said and done, it's been a profitable month so far - my best yet - and with the weather brightening up, the benefits of sitting in the garden and trading while sucking back a couple of bottles of 'wife-beater' cannot be understated! :D


  1. How can you trade outside with a laptop ? I tried it and the glare on the svreen meant I couldn't see a thing :)

  2. Yeah, it is a bit glary at times, especially as I have a south-facing garden. My old laptop has a non-relective screen though which helps :D

  3. Hello Met, the sun is back in UK hehe, im reading your blog since last november, is nice to see when a trader start to go forward...

    Can you tell me, how many horse racing markets you traded since your start, maybe 500, or 1000???


  4. Evening Metters. It's back to work for me tomorrow after a year off. Wish I'd made the trading work - I like the idea of trading on my terrace! Pleased to see you've been making good progress. Careful with the wifebeater, now!

  5. Hello Gabriel, I hope I haven't bored you too much with my inane ramblings he he :)

    To be exact, I have traded 2981 markets! Cheers matey.

    Robbie!! All the best for tomorrow mate. I'll have to get something before long as this is only part-time money. I'll enjoy it while I can though, especially while the sunshine is out :D


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