Saturday 29 May 2010

Eurovision goodness

I had a nice day on the horses today. I raised the stakes upto £100 and looked at different ways to trade so that I can try and develop my style a bit more. I still haven't had my first £100 day yet and it's starting to grate on my nerves a bit now. If I'm going to do it on any day it will be a Saturday as I more often than not find them to be quite lucrative. The other six days of the week are a bit of a lottery for me at the moment but Saturdays always seem to come together.

Tonight I decided to have a go at trading the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a fairly stress-free affair but I made sure I trod carefully as I wasn't sure what the markets were capable of - vote rigging and insider information were never far from my mind!

As it turns out a young German lass won it with a song that has apparently been popular all over Europe - something to look out for next time perhaps? There were much better songs in my opinion but that doesn't count for much in this competition! I thought Graham Norton did an excellent job filling in for Terry Wogan on the commentary. It's funny how we mock it so much over here when they take it so seriously on the continent.

I did a bit of tennis trading before the horse racing started. It's one of those sports that I'm happy to trade casually when the right game comes onto Eurosport. Since I'm still a noob at tennis trading I only really look at situations where one of the players becomes layable for a small liability. Looking at it this way does tend to limit your trading opportunities but I'm not prepared to risk throwing money away at the moment until I get to grips with it a bit more.

I'm sure someone like the TradeShark has little things that he looks for in a game that he's confident will pay dividends; to me, it still seems like your mostly gambling on the outcome of the next point which can go either way. For instance, Hewitt broke Nadal's serve in the first game of their match today - who knew? Then again, Nadal's odds were 1.02 so doing anything other than laying him at those odds seems a bit ridiculous! Nadal's odds 'flew' a massive 1.07!! Match outcome? Nadal nailed Hewitt in 3 sets of course!

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