Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Expect the unexpected

I traded with At The Races on today and I'm glad I did as some crazy things were going on.

First race in and a horse got itself stuck in the stall; it looked in a bit of discomfort too. I managed to trade right up to the off for a tenner and was rather pleased with the start.

What then followed were a series of good and bad trades that left me with round about zilch after 2 wasted hours. It's not like I could blame the markets either, they seemed stable enough but things moved a little too quickly at times and I was caught out on more than one occasion.

At 16:40 things changed for the better when a horse bolted and they spent ages catching it and getting it back to the start. The At The Races commentary hinted that it may be withdrawn but then Tommo came on and said that there was nothing wrong with the horse and that it'd probably go off with the rest ok; Tommo also hinted that the horse's feisty behaviour may serve it well in the race. Having traded upto about 4 quid on the race I decided to have a cheeky 50p bet on it to win at odds of 14/1 or thereabouts. The horse won. And the name of this horse was....Law To Himself! Its price went out in-play to 90 too!

The 17:10 also went off late because of a horse that was playing up which I took advantage off.

Fair play to ATR they showed all three race cards today and I'm only paying a quid a month for the channel.

I must admit I did feel beaten at 16:20 after making and losing over £40 but it just goes to show that you get nothing in this game by shutting up shop early!

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