Saturday, 15 May 2010

Fed up

You could say I was chasing my own tail on the horses today. I had some lovely trades too but sadly they were negated by some silly ones. I overstaked a bit too much, upto £120, and I got caught out a few times by it. So my £35+ day ended up being a fiver. And I lost a tenner on the tennis by laying Federer (of all things!!) just before he broke Ferrer's serve at 4-3 in the third set. Well, I'm a noob tennis trader so what do I know!

I'm getting impatient at the moment. I think I'm reading too many blogs and looking at what some are making and getting jarred off with my own ability/performance/whatever.

I also talking/thinking/blogging/taking trading to heart a bit too much these days. I got on better when I just shut the heck up and got on with it! I'm just really fed up with the whole Betfair thing in general today :(

I'm off to bed...bah!

PS This is what sleepless nights does to you :D

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