Monday, 3 May 2010

Higher stakes + more trades = insomnia

Another good haul today and I'm not afraid to say I'm trading a lot more consistently at the moment. I've upped the workrate this week quite considerably and am also using bigger stakes, up to £80 where sensible.

This has led to me getting a bit tense after sessions and it seems to carry over to sleep time, where my mind isn't settling as it should. I had a couple of Kalms earlier to take the edge off...

and a couple of Natrasleep a few minutes ago...

Always read the label!


  1. Well done for getting a profit on a bank holiday. I played a few races then took the day off couldn't get a grip on them and seemed to be more traders than cash around.

    Bank holidays always seem like they should be good days with so many races but the money's spread so thin and doesn't take long with UK races for them to start overlapping with delays etc.

    I know what you mean about it taking time to wind down though. Trading can have a tendency to take over your life at the start with so many ideas going through your head. It's yet another one of those hurdles you need to overcome. Does get easier the more confident you are with what you're doing as you end up treating it like any other job and switch off once the tradings finished.

    Unless you've done this people don't realise just how stressful it can be even when you're winning , I know my partner doesn't :) You need to find something to help you switch off and wind down after trading, healthy body healthy mind and all that.

  2. Nice going mets, seems like you are really getting the hang of it now.

  3. @BT - they certainly come thick and fast on BH Mondays, just how I like it!

    When possible, I think I'm gonna try and hit the weights immediately after each session, to try and take the edge off.

    @Neil - cheers buddy :)


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