Thursday, 13 May 2010

Luck and judgement

Bit of an odd day really.

I nearly lost a packet after more in-play shenanigans at the start due to our old friend Mr Greed; I was lucky to get out for a -£7.44 loss in the end.

Actually, things never really got going until about 3 o'clock because I couldn't find anything to trade ie none of the races fell into my strict criteria.

Once things did get going, the momentum started to build and I was up and away. The £8-£10 wins are happening more frequently now I've upped the stakes to £80 and it really takes the pressure off trying to reach a minimum for the day. It's still chickenfeed to the Pros but a lot to me.

I tried a few evening races but I do find it a struggle - everything seems that much more volatile which doesn't suit me whatsoever - so I'll try and resist the temptation from now on.

Jack Bauer
I whacked on the first couple of episodes of 24 Season 5 today while I traded. It's been sitting on my hard-drive for months now and I don't really have the patience to sit down and watch tv for any extended period of time so this is a good way of getting through them. I always enjoy the first episode of the series because it always start with Jack doing something really normal and then it descends into absolute chaos within 10 minutes!!

"Hello? Betfair? Can you close my position please - my PC has just crashed and I'm staring at a total bank loss!"

New Toy
In a bid to get fitter and cycle away the stresses and strains of trading, I've gone and ordered myself one of these...

...a Boardman Hybrid Comp from Halfords. Well, you've got to treat yourself now and again ;)


  1. Hi Mets, I like your P&l. There are not big sums but more important is the consistency.
    Mine looks like +15, +25 -60 etc. I would be happy to know how you keep your consistency.

  2. Thanks mate. The consistency came once I decided to avoid all the trades that I wasn't sure about ie speculative trades. I'm more picky about what I get involved in now and it seems to have benefited me.

  3. Everytime I started with a new bank (I lost many banks in the last 2 years) the first 2-3 days I was very focus and disciplined and made good prfits.
    Then I don't know,it looks like I'm getting bored and I don't think too much and I enter my positions like gambling.
    That's why I made my blog to help me to keep the discipline.

  4. You're P&ls look very good to me - the kind of level I wish to be at.

    I hope you can maintain your discipline in the future :)

  5. I hope I can maitain my discipline too.
    I don't know where are you from but here in Romania 300 or even 100 euros a day is a lot of money.
    My salary (as engineer) is 450 euros a month and is a good salary for this country.....
    As I said my goal is to quit my job and go full-time because from Monday to Friday I can trade only about a half of the races when I'm home

  6. Hello I have added a link to your blog on my blog. If possible could you do the same?
    Many Thanks


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