Saturday, 1 May 2010

No Easy Way Out

Sometimes when I trade and do something really silly it's usually because I'm not fired up enough. One way to do that is to blast out some crunching tunes, preferably of the rock variety.

One of the songs I like the most is No Easy Way Out by Robert Tepper which is from the excellent Rocky IV soundtrack. If you ever need to get fired up to lift more weight in the gym, I suggest sticking on the Rocky IV soundtrack, in particular the Vince DiCola Training Montage - it's awesome!!

So I set about playlisting some tracks in Windows Media Player that are certain to get me going. It's work in progress...

You're probably like "who the heck are Evergrey?" Crunching metal, man! You just have to whack on whatever works for you I suppose :D

I needed a bit of the Tepper today when I was languishing early on. A blast of that is the audio equivalent of a kick up the backside! A good haul today, very straightforward indeed - Saturday as it should be!

It's starting to dawn on me that trading is largely a probability game. A combination of sensible entry and exit points, quick mouse click reaction times, efficient scratching and avoidance of particularly volatile or spoofy markets all contribute the probability of winning. This wasn't particularly obvious to me when I started out. For beginners out there, this blog post

is probably the single most useful post I've found on any trading blog to give you belief and keep your mind on the long term goal.

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