Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Normal service resumed

After Monday's debacle and yesterday's 'technical difficulties' - unresponsive keyboard, flickering monitor and random mouse-pointing behaviour - it was business as usual.

I traded furiously and was about to smash my personal best when the penultimate race cut me down to size; it wasn't an in-play loss either, just a £120 trade that went a bit wrong! I've decided not to dwell on it as I'm still left with a respectable bit of green.

It didn't help matters that another, rather profitable trade, was voided leaving me with less than I'd anticipated. Pity the £24 loss wasn't voided! These things happen.

I made more £80 trades in this session than any time previously and, although frightening at times, it's certainly helping to boost the day's takings.


  1. Congratulations for your results, i appreciate your efforts


  2. Thanks Gabriel, that's very gracious of you.

  3. Its pretty awesome how much progress you have made in a short time, uve left me trailing in your wake! nice going!

  4. Cheers Neil - it's causing many sleepless night I can tell you. I have visions of ladders and flashing numbers!

    All I can advise you, without teaching you to suck eggs, is to try and find the right signals and don't trade to anything else.


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