Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunday best

A very pleasing day considering Sunday is typically my most frustrating day. I always look to have a good weekend performance which usually sets things up well for the rest of the week. Following on from yesterday's change of tactics, I had a nice stress-free session to add some more pennies to the coffers.

Stakeage was £75-£100 again; I'm surprised by how quickly I've adapted to this level of staking and I'll be continuing at this level for the coming week. Time will tell whether I have indeed moved up a gear or just happened upon some good fortune.


  1. Good going Mets, and even better to see you've managed to adapt to the bigger stakes. I think once you're happy with your consistency and know you've a sound strategy moving up the stakes isn't the problem you'd imagine it to be.

    Losses will come and obviously be bigger now but as long as you don't treat them any different than you did previously then things shouldn't be a problem. I think some people have problems just because the losing markets are now higher than what they've been used to and they tend to overreact. As long as you can detach yourself from that you eventually realise the winning amounts are now bigger and will more than cover the losses as long as you keep up the consistency and stick to what you know works.

  2. Cheers BT, it's pleasing to make progress on what I what usually consider a bogey day. The new strategy may take some time to 'bed in' so we'll see what this week proves. There's a ton of racing on today so there's no time like the present to get stuck in!

  3. Must admit I'm not a fan of bank holidays, they never seem to live up to expectations with the liquidity spread thin and far too many race clashes.

  4. Afternoon Mets. Still going strong I see - excellent! Started paying the premium charge yet?

  5. Cheers Robbie. The PC will kick in after 60 weeks from what I gather and I'm not that far along yet. My gross profit is cack all really and with the first £1k exempt it might be a while before I fall foul of it. As you know, a lot can happen between now and then!


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