Monday, 31 May 2010

Testing day

The pnl extended over 3 pages today. 44 markets traded - I'm exhausted! In brief I had a high of £17, a low of -£22 and ended the day with nowt.

My plan for today was to continue where I left off yesterday and possibly break the £100 barrier, given the number of races on offer, but I ended up just chucking some money around and seeing what came about. Perhaps I could call it an R&D day! I had some good wins but overall my trading was erratic and purposeless...or whatever the opposite of purposeful is! :D

Stakeage was £100 again pretty much throughout. I'm pleased I had the belief to come back from the deficit. With the potential to grab £10 a race it doesn't seem quite so daunting making back losses. I hope to carry on in the same vein until I'm suitably 'battle hardened'.


  1. Hi,

    Great blog, would you mind exchanging links. Just embarking on a short term blog to try and iron out a few creases in my own trading.

    Many thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Cheers - link added.

    All the best with your quest :)

  3. Wouldn't read too much into today Mets, Bank Holidays don't behave like normal days. Just be pleased you managed to trade it with the increased stakes and came away without any real loss.

    Even these R&D days serve some purpose and hopefully you take away the fact you weren't swayed by losses with the increased stakes as it'll help reinforce that mindset to use bigger stakes even though today it didn't pay dividends,

  4. Yes those were my thoughts exactly, BT. I probably need to have a few more odd R&D days just to push things along a bit. Having had a bumper month on the exchange in May, I didn't really mind sacrificing profit yesterday in the quest for bigger long-term gains.


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