Friday, 14 May 2010

Trying something new

Well, I didn't get very far with the horses today, bringing in just a few pennies in the end after ending the session early due to other commitments.

When I got in this evening I thought I'd have a look at the tennis, since others seem to be getting on well with it. I traded the Murray/Ferrer game in its entirety and to be honest anyone with more gumption than me must have made a killing! This thing was swinging about so much that even the most innocuous of incidents caused gigantic swings. I suppose if you do this regularly then that sort of thing is normal but I've never seen the likes of it in the footy.

I was laying Ferrer at regular intervals with no real set strategy, more just speculative trades with modest stakes as the game streamed on Betfair. I had a high of £43 but sacrificed some in the last game in the anticipation of a Murray wasn't to be.

It was a nice way to spend a few hours and I'll certainly have another crack at it, preferably after I figured out why my PC keeps crashing with a hardware fault at random intervals!

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