Saturday, 26 June 2010

6 days of hurt

The day

Last 6 days

Today's capers typify the sort of week I've had: the proverbial 'pushing water up a hill' week.

The root causes for this tilt can be attributed to a number of things:

a) overtrading

I've forgotten the number of trades I've done where I've made £5-£10 for the race, then sought to squeeze a bit more out and then lost it or even made a loss.

b) large stakes

I've been trying to build up a resistance to using the bigger stakes, upto £200. This had led to some quick and brutal losses.

c) the 'smasher'

Today, a £200 bet I left on the lay side was viciously SMASHED IN in the 16:15 - 30 quid gone in a flash.

d) playing the favourite

Up until this week, I've typically avoided trading the favourite due to the mayhem that appears to ensue just before the off. If I'm to make anything of this, I need to build up my tolerance to this kind of frenzied trading.

Next steps

Well, I'm 8 months in now and have traversed a very rocky road to get this far; I can't deny I'm starting to feel a bit of burn out. I can't tell whether I'm about to turn a corner and it would be a shame to 'nip it in the bud', but the opposing forces to success are considerably strong at times, overwhelming even.

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