Monday, 21 June 2010

Growing pains

A funny sort of day today.

Missed the monster drift on Federer when he went 2 sets down and was losing the third. I watched most of the drift but couldn't decide when to get on. I haven't quite figured out the best entry and exit points on tennis yet. The market is always tricky when Fed's involved anyway because even when he was that far behind his price only went out to 4 and soon snapped back as he gained back some ground.

I was playing with upto £200 stakes on the horses, hence the patchy PnL. The stake hike is born out of frustration at not making what others make. I want to push the boundaries of my trading as much as possible while I have the luxury of doing it every day. I was -£40 down at tea time but rode a good drift in the second-last this evening to make most of it back. I have a tendency to 'chew the arm off' a one/two tick profit when sometimes I should allow a move to finish.


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  2. Hi Met,

    I have been silently following your blog for a while now and think its great what you have accomplised since you started off.

    I am officially starting to make a living from trading tomorrow and hope you could link to my blog!

    You made a great escape it sounds like from your trading today!

    My blog is

    Keep your posts coming!



  3. Cheers Tim

    I'll be sure to follow your capers!


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