Monday, 14 June 2010

The horn of plenty

I've got my vuvuzela today courtesy of Betfair :D

Admit it - you soooooo want one! ;)

Yes, my Betfair football pack was delivered as a free gift for collecting enough gambling points. There's a bag, flag, football and vuvuzela all emblazoned with the Betfair logo. I couldn't get much of a tune out of the horn, perhaps I'm doing it wrong.

I had another play around with my trading setup again. I've switched back to my beefier Windows 7 box since I've managed to bring most of the 'Blue Screens of Death' under control.

Please note: the piano is not for trading purposes ;)

After hours of messing around with drivers I finally got my Hauppauge freeview receiver working in Windows 7. So now I've got the footy playing very nicely through Windows Media Center, Racing UK streaming through their website (£10 a month) and ATR beaming from Sky downstairs. It's so nice not to have to channel hop all the time and hopefully I'll be able to concentrate on not going in-play a bit better!

One thing to note is that the Racing UK stream appears to lag behind the on-course action if it's been on a while so I tend to stop and start the feed 30 seconds or so before the off to bring the delay back to about 2 seconds. At one point the player had lagged to about 10 seconds and when I refreshed, all the horses were fully loaded - erk!

I'm pleased with the way things are going at the moment. I'm generally staking £100 stakes upto 10s now and £50-£75 thereafter depending on my confidence. Knowing that I can profit upto £15 per race takes the heat off shambolic losing days like yesterday. The afternoon session was a bit wishy-washy but the evening sesh was great and I made some nice easy money. Getting the trading environment right obviously helps greatly.


  1. Hi Mets,

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  2. Yes Didd, no worries.

    All the best


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