Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Up against it

In the interest of transparency I always discuss bad days aswell as good ones. I can learn from days like this and maybe I can help prevent others go through the same pain.

I started badly, getting in the red zone in the third race and watching it mount up as the price drifted...just drifting...watching...just watching.


was the call that eventually came from my brain. £20 red - curses!

I mounted a fightback that saw me claw a -£25 deficit back to a £5 profit by 16:30. It was too early to quit so I continued into the evening races...


As sure as day follows night the random price jumps came. It could be in running for all I care, the way it snatches around like that. £40 gone just like that. I didn't reduce my stakes or anything, just played the markets like I had been doing hoping that things would turn out all ok.

That's most of Sunday's profits gone but as that was unprecedented for a Sunday I consider it the house's money. I'm feeling quite nonchalant at the moment as I go through this R&D phase. The bottom line really is this is just a game with few rules. One market goes up - another comes down....or does it? Not yet...oh there it goes now someone has pulled all their money.

I like to win so I'll be back for more tomorrow. Maybe I'll follow it up with some more madman ramblings too!


  1. Hi Mets, I'm a big fan of your blog and read it every evening after I trade, I've been trading for 7 months and am not half as successful as you but inspired by your blog. Thanks for blogging even though today was a red, I had a big loss too. I look forward to seeing your 1st £100 day.


  2. Cheers for your comment Ed, that means a lot. I hope you can overcome your loss and push on. No pain, no gain ha ha! ;)


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