Saturday, 31 July 2010

2 days halves

Yesterday nothing went my way and I mean NOTHING! I couldn't get anything matched at the price I wanted, I was SMASHED IN at least 5 times, just that sort of day. I was really aware of my stop loss too and quit the arvo session at -£35 with a view to doing some evening racing to make it back. I subsequently lost another -£25.

Today, on the other hand, was business as usual with no nasty surprises - not one SMASH IN thankfully. I didn't expect to do this well knowing that I had work to do to claw back to at least £1000 balance again before I could withdraw any.

My biggest day so far - another milestone reached. I had to miss a family get-together today to sit and do the racing which is always a pity, but Saturdays are usually my 'bread-and-butter' days and I only miss them if I have to.


  1. nice recovery mets, and great total for the day.

  2. cheers old bean, always takes some doing resetting the mind after a crumby day

  3. Hello would you be interested in exchanging links as I deperately give Betfair one last go.

    Many Thanks

  4. Indeed, link added. All the best!


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