Thursday, 29 July 2010

All over the place

The PnL was up and down like a bride's nighty today. And it was all going swimmingly for a while - I was nearly £60 up.

Suffered a stinky loss of -£32 after going chasing a -£9 loss which turned into a -£14 loss etc etc

These are the days I hate, they make me feel empty inside. I'm off to sit in my chair in a darkened room and listen to white noise....


  1. Hi Mets,

    Nice win on Wednesday and well done for staying in profit after your set backs yesterday. £8.00 maybe smaller that expected but bigger days are around the corner. Good luck with todays markets.

  2. Cheers Didd, I've come out of my room now ;)

    My main goal at the moment is to stay in some sort of profit each day - it's like a mini-challenge! I think that's 7 or 8 in a row now and defo makes me feel better about things.

  3. 7 or 8 days, good going Mets. The best I've had is 5 days in a row but like you my focus is on trying to make any amount of profit each day.


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