Monday, 26 July 2010

The Anon brigade

The responses to this post have really got me riled. What's the deal with all these keyboard warriors giving out advice telling people to quit something they've put a lot of time into?


I have so far not suffered the "curse of Anonymous" as any Anons that have posted had the courtesy to sign off a comment with a name / nickname. I know Cassini gets a lot of stick from them, although to be fair he can give a bit out too!

I suppose now I'll get every Anon in the land leaving their own brand of arrogance at the end of this post! The door is always open, take your shoes off on the way in.

It's like this guy I know, a real up-and-coming guitarist called Richie Sambuca, who posted up his rendition of the Top Gun theme, and all people want to do is bash his particularly impressive barnet? Get a life, this guy is going places man! ;)

Anyway, back to the trading and I'm trying to pick my fights carefully following last week's efforts. So I stayed away from the afternoon racing and just concentrated on the evening stuff. After a slow start I've got to admit I really loved the dynamic of tonight's markets and there seemed to be lots of moves I could identify with.

Admittedly, I made lots of errors of judgement; for instance, chucking away a tenner twice in the last race to only make 6p!

One approach I'm taking now is trading with a £1000 bank - Leon the Fixer discussed this in his great blog before he sadly took it down - and withdrawing the profits (if there are some!) after the session. I'm finding that this is keeping me quite disciplined as I try not to stray too far into the negative from the £1000 mark, bearing in mind I won't have anything to withdraw at the end of the session if I don't!

So far so good, this is my 6th positive day in a row (high of £61, low of £14). I desperately want to stay in a positive winning mindset, even if it's only a fiver or something, as ultimately it can only do good things for the confidence.


  1. I reckon the Anons are the same person!

    Good luck with the £1000, keeping your bank at £1000 after each day seems a good idea - would you top it up if you took a loss or just accept it and trade with the lower bank figure?

  2. You could be right!

    No, no plans to top it up. If I lose it I'll just have to make it back!

  3. Good result, 4.5% profit from a 1000 bank in one day. Main problem for most traders is to keep the losses small and never ever chase them.
    So good luck from me.

  4. Hey Mets great to see you're still going strong :) Gotta say I'm a little disappointed at the lack of growth in the trading glossary though after all these months!

  5. Cheers catweazle :)

    Yep still here JS! I admit, the glossary has been a bit neglected. Funny thing is, all those terms came to me in the first few weeks as I tried to make sense of things and I still use them to this day ha ha!


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