Thursday, 1 July 2010

Jittery June

Not a bad month's takings, but a lot worse than May. It doesn't reflect the many hours I've put into it over the course of that month, with an hourly rate probably on a par with a Chinese sweat-shop worker assembling the new iPhone 4!

June started well and included my first £100+ day but halfway through it went a bit wonky - perhaps it was something to do with changing my stakes, style and basically my entire approach!!

I'm hopeful that things will settle down in July and I'll gain some consistency. At the moment, I'm never 100% sure that the session will yield a profit. If I can get off to a good start, I can build up a head of steam and can usually confidently state that I'll be in profit by the end of the session; if I get off to a stinker then I tend to go into 'damage limitation' mode and slowly try and claw back to £0 without getting into more trouble.

I started a session the other day with my lunch on my knee, trading in between each mouthful, and lost concentration and -£15 in the first race. Another rule to enforce then: FINISH YOUR LUNCH BEFORE TRADING. Lots of these sorts of lessons that have been learnt over a long period of time, and they gradually become second-nature in the end. Others include: DON'T TRADE WITHOUT A BACKUP and ONLY TRADE PAST THE OFF TIME WITH PICTURES.

I have no real stop-loss figure at the moment and perhaps that would benefit me; a -£30 deficit is obviously easier for me to get back the next time - with a clear head and renewed vigour - than a -£70/-£80 one.

There were many days in June where I would make a number of positive trades and a more-or-less equal number of negative trades, effectively leaving me with naff-all for the day. This made me question my 'edge': there must be a glimmer of one since I'm not in an overall deficit, but at times it appears to be very meagre. Of course, no amount of head-slapping and object-throwing can make up for truly awful trades, of which there were many. If I can weed out these 'clangers', I'm sure things will settle down.

Not a bad start to July. Long may it continue. Most of this was acquired during the evening session. The evenings appear more readable, but I may just be kidding myself.

An exciting weekend ahead for us UFC fans: UFC 116 - Shane Carwin vs Brock Lesnar. The fans have Lesnar to win it but I'm not sure I can call it. Lesnar is back after a long lay-off with some problems in his intestines so he might have a doubt in his mind, but then again he's a cocky fella and a world-class wrestler / ground-and-pounder so I doubt it. Carwin pummelled Frank Mir and lost me a tenner as I had Mir for a win; no-one has taken him beyond round 1 yet - erk! It's gonna be a great match-up whatever the outcome.

Which one would you rather get your face smashed in by?


  1. "...with an hourly rate probably on a par with a Chinese sweat-shop worker assembling the new iPhone 4! "

    He he, that's the average salary in Romania too.
    That's why I see trading full-time to be one of the best way to earn money for a decent lifestyle.
    My income is 20 euros a day standing in the office 10 hours a day (2 euros per hour).
    If I will achieve 100 euros a day from trading that means I increased my hourly salary more than 12 times (100 euros/ 4 hours of races). :)

    Anyway I wish you all the best with trading and I like that you keep the discipline.
    Cheers and I just can't wait 3 weeks til I start trading again for 2 weeks full-time.

  2. Carwin to win by sledgehammer right hand, if he connects on Lesnar its over and lesnars stand up game is about as crisp as a bag of stale chips!

    Shame Silva was forced off the card, his crazy "i wana kill destroy everything" fighting style is unique.

    Got one or two quick questions about trading if you dont mind?

    Cheers mate

  3. @dobrin - I guess anything more than 20 Euros will be a bonus for you then?!

    All the best, look forward to your updates.

    @Bradders - are you lumping on then? ;) Good luck, just pray Lesnar doesn't pin him down and ground-and-pound him, a la Mir :D

    I'd be glad to see Carwin take the belt, it would shake things up a bit.

    I haven't forgiven Silva for knobbling Bisping!

  4. No, even 20 Euros will be a bonus: 6 more hours a day of free time for spending those money and not sitting in a cubicle working to make money for a "boss" :)


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